Market Share, Aims, Motives

Market Share

  • Owner-occupiers
    • Company owners
      1. Market share is falling sharply (reduction of core competence in last 10 years due to shareholder value / CREM)
    • Private owners
      1. Private households are most prolific
      2. Market share increasing due to the low interest rate phase
  • Investors (all types)
    • Private persons
      1. Market share is decreasing as property company gives third parties the option of direct ownership or indirect property investment
    • Institutional investors
      1. Smaller pension funds have proceeded to transfer their direct property investments to investment trusts due to the high administrative costs and low returns (monitoring by BSV (BVG) and not by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) (Collective Investments Act); disadvantage: land tax issues; advantage: balance sheet entry options); individual investment funds take this approach to their property acquisitions (e.g. CS 1a Immo PK)


  • Direct and uncomplicated property investment
  • Norm
    • Traditional rental portfolio properties in A or B locations, with intact structural fabric and long-term full occupancy rates
  • Exceptional cases (depending on the intention of the company and its willingness to take risks, poss. for diversification purposes only)
    • Property development projects
    • Properties for revitalisation
    • Properties in which the investor wishes to play an active part along the value-added chain


  • Direct, self-determined property ownership
  • Usually long-term investment (with or without disinvestment plan)
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