IT management of the property portfolio

It is now recognised that IT Tools are essential to manage the property portfolio. Such property information systems should contain a uniform IT and process architecture from the strategic to the operational level for integrated portfolio and risk management and should calculate and depict all valuation criteria.

 Property management software should contain the following IT architecture:

  • Source systems (Level A)
    • External
      • Market data
      • Benchmark data
    • Internal
      • Hardware
      • Software
  • Database (Level B)
    • Owner / partner reference data
    •  Real estate reference data (property data)
    • Location profile
    • Area reference data
    • Rental agreement and tenant reference data
    • Mortgage reference data
    • Reconditioning reference data
    • Valuation / surveyor data
    • ACTUAL planning and forecast data as well as TARGET data or scenarios
    • and so on.
  • Front-End (Level C)
    • Portfolio data
    • Performance data
    • Risk management data
    • Management cockpit

Further Information

  • Aims of the integrated IT strategy
    • Integration and processing of all information about the real estate, business processes and persons concerned
    • Set of tools for management decisions
  • Content of the list of requirements for selecting an IT solution
    • IT strategy level
    • Organisation and process level
    • Application level
  • Portfolio /risk applications
    • Strategic portfolio matrix tool
    • Property tool
    • Benchmarking tool
    • Valuation tool
    • Risk management tool (portfolio, property and tenant level)
    • Rating tool
    • Prognosis and scenario tool
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