Price Transparency

Neither the property vendor nor the property purchaser is able to ascertain.

  • which prices are paid
  • for which properties
  • with which features and characteristics

The following shortcomings in the property business are addressed:

  • Lack of comparability (each property is unique)
  • lack of transparency
  • Lack of an organised market
  • Price flexibility
  • No income benchmarks (analogous to the price/earnings ratio for shares)

Nowadays, transaction data are collected and analysed in an attempt to obtain a valuation for price comparisons.

The real price is not determined until the actual sale.

Further Information

  • Transparency alone is not enough
    • Not even the publication of real estate transfers indicating the prices paid is of much use to market participants as properties are seldom comparable.
      • The cantons may publish real estate transfers and also disclose the quid pro quo.
      • 19 cantons publish real estate transfers.
      • 2 cantons (GE + JU) make property purchase prices public.

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