Advisers and Service Providers

Investors should continually focus on portfolio optimisation and the maintenance of the value of their properties.

Private investors in particular, but professional investors as well, who are unable to handle their real estate management in house, should enlist qualified and experienced advisers and service providers, in order to prevent management and performance issues. The focal points are:

  • Coping with future challenges
  • Risk avoidance
  • Asset preservation
  • Performance optimisation

Real estate investment advice encompasses the following two areas:

Real Estate Investment Management

Real estate management advisors (also called real estate investment managers) assist real estate investors who do not have sufficient resources of their own, for example:

  • Investor Level
    • Real Estate Investment Management (REIM)
      • = comprehensive owner representation of real estate assets based on investment principles that are tailored to the goals of the real estate investor
      • List of services for REIM
        • Service
        • Delimitation of levels based on total process structuring (see below)
      • Tender and award of management services
      •  Research package
      • Reporting package
      • Code of conduct
    • Total process structuring
      • Investment level
      • Portfolio level
      • Property level
    • Investor strategy
    • Performance
      • After-tax yield (after general taxes)
        • Optimisation of the financing structure
        • Optimisation of the tax structure
      • After-tax yield (after general taxes, incl. land taxes)
  • Portfolio Level
    • Aggregate property portfolio
    • Performance
      • Portfolio optimisation
      • Yield and risk optimisation
  • Property Level
    • General protection of interests
      • Owner representation for acquisition, holding and management
    • Individual functions
      • Buying and selling
      • Valuation
      • Letting
      • Refurbishment / revitalisation
      • Concierge services
    • Performance
      • Result of optimisation per property
      • Letting
      • Operation
      • Management
Real Estate Investment Management






Investor Level








Financial engineering

Portfolio management principles

Law / taxes

Risk management

Exit strategy

Portfolio Level

Portfolio strategy

Selection, instruction and monitoring advisers / service providers

Portfolio optimisation

Law / taxes

Risk management

Exit strategy

Property Level

Property search / property valuation

Securing building land

Project development

Real estate transactions (purchase / sale)

Facility management

Exit strategy

Facility Management

The facility management segment offers the investor huge potential for optimisation, as well as the opportunity to pass the costs onto tenants.

Cost and upgrading pressure in the property sector as well requires an integrated strategic and life cycle-based management of the building and its systems and processes. Its systems must be fully functional at all times and must be in line with current organisational and market requirements.

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