Business Plan

The business plan is a document, which is primarily designed for companies to describe opportunities and risks as well as measures for strategic and operational planning, but is also useful for property portfolios or individual properties.

The content of a property business plan includes:

  • Executive summary
  • Market analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Marketing plan
    • Finding and evaluating new investment properties / transaction milestones
    • Letting
    • Facility management
  • Purchase plan
    • Property purchase
    • Development
  • Production Plan
    • If and to the extent that the investor has entrepreneurial involvement along the property value chain
  • Sales Plan
    • Sale of the properties produced to ultimate buyers / transaction milestones
  • Staff Plan
    • Employment plan
    • Staff retention and development, if and to the extent that the investor employs his own staff to manage the direct investment
    • Staff recruitment
  • Investment Plan
  • Finance Plan
    • Expenditure
    • Yield
    • Profitability
    • Investments

The business plan is the basis for:

  • internal target agreements
    • Intermediate targets
    • Milestones
  • Communication
    • Owner
    • Risk and lender
    • Cooperation partner
    • Advisors / property managers
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