Facility Management


Facility Management (FM) involves administering and managing buildings, facilities and equipment; it is frequently outsourced nowadays:

  • Technical operation of buildings, facilities and equipment
  • Letting / administration of buildings, facilities and equipment

Independent FM

Property was traditionally managed by investors themselves at their own expense (employed real estate administrator [now “property manager”], employed caretakers and so on). These roles are now increasingly outsourced.

Outsourced FM

Outsourcing is a specific form of external procurement of services that were originally performed in-house, whereby the duration, nature of the services and prices are stipulated in contracts.

Outsourced facility management should fulfil the following aims:

  • Rationalisation of management processes
  • Reduction of procedural complexity
  • Free up own management capacities
  • Focus on own core business
  • Rationalisation
  • Savings

Effective outsourcing requires:

  • Individual specifications
  • Suitable and attractive offers from the FM provider
  • Good FM contracts

The rationale behind outsourcing which originated in the English-speaking world where it is very popular was: “Do what you can do best – outsource the rest”.

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