Core and Satellite Strategy

The tried and tested core and satellite strategy combines a “core portfolio” with individual “satellite investments”:

  • Core portfolio
    • The core portfolio is sufficiently diversified, largely financed with equity capital and oriented towards long-term, sustainable performance.
    • Moderate external financing should merely produce a stabilising effect.
    • The management of a balanced “core portfolio” is achievable with calculable expenditure.
  • Satellite investments
    • Investments with country diversification
      • Foreign real estate
    • Investments in management properties
    • Hotel real estate
    • Retirement properties
    • Listed real estate
    • Acquisition of commercial properties that a company does not need for its operations + development / subsequent sale
    • Acquisition of brownfield sites for revitalisation / development
    • Acquisition of opportunity Investments with leverage effect as indirect property investment
    • Acquisition of tax motivated property investments

Further Information

  • Structural mix of a core and satellite strategy:
  • Mix within the direct property investment
    • See above

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