Turnaround Management

The turnaround agenda includes – bearing in mind that it is not a business venture (indirect property investment) in this case, but an individual property investment, as a rule:

  • Refurbishment assessment
    • Refurbishment requirement of the property investment
    • Refurbishment feasibility of the property investment
    • Refurbishment viability of the property investment
  • Refurbishment plan
    •  Refurbishment for economic performance
      • Generation of a healthy profit from the core business
      • Sales volume guarantee
      • Sustainable yield guarantee
      • Cost structure analysis / optimisation
      • Reduction of labour costs, possible outsourcing of facility management
    • Structural refurbishment
      • Optimisation of procedures
      • Restructuring of the liability side by sorting out credits and / or collateral
      • Possible contribution in kind of the property to a property company limited by shares that is to be formed
    • Financial restructuring
      • Provision of working capital
    • Liquidity management
    • Focus on value drivers
  • Portfolio Investments
    • Primary restructuring of credits / credit risks
    • Secondary refurbishment of the property

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