Incomplete Range of Property Investment

There is a so-called numerus clausus of registrable property rights for direct property investment. Ownership rights or buildings may accordingly only be divided as prescribed by the applicable law. – There is no stock market trading and no standardised futures based on standard real estate or partial rights.

The following structures are admissible:

  • Sole ownership
  • Joint ownership
  • Condominium ownership
  • Independent and perpetual rights
    • Development rights
    • Right of use
  • Usufruct
  • Right of residence

The obligatory or quasi-property rights that may be created in favour of the direct investor are also relevant. These options always apply to specific parties and a tangible property; agreement on a right of entry, which permits another party to replace the party that is entitled to purchase, is conceivable. – There is, however, still no futures market or even option trading.

  • Right of purchase
  • Right of pre-emption
  • Right to repurchase
  • Right to transfer
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